NOTE#1: We’ve lost our lease at our Rockville store. (They are tearing down the shopping center.) Effective November 1st, that location has merged with our Gaithersburg Location. Please visit us at 7914 Cessna Avenue.

NOTE#2: If there’s not a blizzard, most of our staff will be attending training seminars Jan26-28, so we will be closed. (Of course, if there IS a blizzard, we are likely to be closed also.) We apologize for any inconvenience.



Let Watercrafters Make Your Fall Closing & Spring Opening Easy.

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3 Hints For Easy Spring Opening:

1. Close late (after Oct. 15) & open early (before Apr. 15) to minimize off-season algae growth.

2. Have your water balanced at Watercrafters 1-2 weeks before closing.

3. Add Booster Kits throughout the winter or arrange for onsite Winter Services from Watercrafters.

Change is good…

2-Pretty Poolbutterfly2Is your backyard ready for a change? Even if your pool is closed, Watercrafters’ Renovation Team can set the stage for a springtime debut of your backyard makeover. We’ll guide you through the entire process as your pool is transformed from ordinary to spectacular.

Whether it’s simply a new vinyl liner or a complete remodeling job that includes a new deck, tile, coping and plaster, we’ll manage the entire project. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is pick your designs and turn off the hose when the pool is full. We’ll handle the rest. Start planning now so next spring you’ll have a backyard oasis that is carefree and beautiful.

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